TOEFL Junior®

Intended for students aged 11 to 15, the TOEFL Junior test is an objective and reliable measure of your students’ communicative competence in English. Easy to administer, it is used by many English-learning programs around the world and it offers both flexibility and quick scoring.

Schools, language schools, English-language programs and camps can offer the TOEFL Junior test to their students in institutional test sessions and thus choose the test date, group size and the purposes for which the test will be used.

Detailed Description

Part of the TOEFL® Young Students Series and based on the rich heritage of the TOEFL® test, the TOEFL Junior test help you see if your students are acquiring the communication skills needed to succeed at your institution and beyond.

The TOEFL Junior test is a paper-based, multiple-choice test that takes 115 minutes to complete and consists of 126 questions divided equally into three sections: Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, and Language Form and Meaning.


TOEFL Junior scores have multiple purposes and are used by numerous schools and organizations such as:

  • English language programs for placement and monitoring progress;
  • Exchange programs or private schools that recruit international students;
  • International schools where the language of instruction is English.

As with the TOEFL Primary test results, each TOEFL Junior score report includes a Lexile® measure, which puts the ability of the reader and the complexity of the text on the same scale. This makes it easier for teachers to find the right books at the right reading level for each student.

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